Black Friday and Christmas Shopping

Despite the economy being crap, and major corporations controlling our government, millions of people waited in line for hours to get 50% off a TV or $50 off an iPad.  I woke up at a quasi-reasonable time this morning (8 AM), mostly because my uncle was loudly making coffee.  Admittedly, I don’t have a brand new TV or DVD player, but I also didn’t get trampled to death or pepper-sprayed.

Watching all these news stories about Black Friday got me thinking, why do we need all this crap?  I understand we as consumers have to buy things to prop up the economy, but maybe people should stop making stupid stuff and convincing us that we need it.  I appreciate the irony of me writing this on my MacBook Pro using the free wireless at a Starbucks (technically its free wireless at Bluegrass Airport, but I am in a coffee shop waiting for my flight to board).  Being called a consumer is just such a foul concept.  It’s like we’re being force-fed garbage and we just keep consuming it like we’re a bloated goose that’s about to become foie-gras.

For the last few years, instead of buying my family a gift, I just give them charitable donations in their name for Christmas.  I think that’s part of the reason they all hate me, but at least they pretend to be grateful on Christmas.  While I understand many people feel the need to keep that mom and pop shop, Best Buy, alive, I could do without their excessive blueness.

I know I’m a Hindu and shouldn’t be telling people what they should and shouldn’t do for their quasi-religious holiday, but maybe this Christmas we can give our loved ones gifts of love?  No iPads, no Xboxes, no TVs, no DVDs.  Just bake some cookies in the flavor that they like, or make a surprise visit, or just do something nice.  All I know is your loved ones will probably appreciate it more if you don’t get trampled to death this Christmas.


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