A Muppet Argument Against Capitalism

It’s hard to live in America and not be indoctrinated with the virtues of Capitalism.  There was a Fox Business News report the other day about how the new Muppet Movie is promoting a communist agenda.

SPOILER ALERT: The Muppets movie is NOT communist at all.  It starts out with an idyllic small town in America (“Smalltown”) which appears to be a throwback to the 50’s, replete with the complete lack of minorities in the town. So, it is sort of surprising that Fox News would actually NOT like this movie.  Although, one of the main characters is a school teacher, presumably part of a union. So, I guess that makes sense.

Nevertheless, what the Fox echo chamber is harping about is a villain in the Muppets movie named Tex Richman who wants to tear down Muppets Studios to drill for oil.  Fox Business News believes that this anti-Capitalist sentiment is all part of the “Hollywood Liberal Agenda”, which, apparently, is not to make money.

It seems strange that an industry that makes around $1.5 trillion dollars from movie ticket sales alone would be against Capitalism.  Then again, the movie industry has to respond to the demands of real people (who apparently think that Seth Rogen is funny), unlike the oil or banking industries who have strangleholds on our governments energy and financial policy and have spent over half a billion dollars last year lobbying government.  These agents are cartels at best and monopolies at worst, which explains why we can’t make real choices on where we can bank or buy our energy.

The talking head in that video complained about shows like Captain Planet which is anti-corporate.  Why should we be instilling pro-corporate values in 6 year olds?  What kind of awful children is this d-bag raising?  Kids should be brought up being environmentalists, pacifists, free-spirited thinkers before they have the grim reality of the Capitalist machine beat that out of them.

The dummy talking head also forgot the movie Fern Gully, which I love. This song is dedicated to him, as I’m sure he sings it daily:


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