Bad Dalek Jokes

In a couple of weeks, my friend Kevin Harrington is putting on Geek Week at ImprovBoston.  It’s a week of nerd/geek/otaku-centric comedy (see Geek Studies post for an explanation), which I’m sure if you have said tendencies, you’ll love.  Even if you don’t, it’s a week of really great comedy.

For the last couple of years, we’ve been doing Uber-Geek sketches for the Nightcap show (free Friday night at 11:30).  One segment will be a hack comedian doing Dr. Who jokes.  So, here’s some throwaway Dalek jokes that I’ve been writing for it:

NOTE: THESE ARE THE TERRIBLE JOKES THAT WILL NOT BE PERFORMED.  I just like them enough to punish people who might read this blog.

What’s the first thing a Dalek does before it goes to bed? -EXFOLIATE!

What do you call a Dalek that used to be a bird? -EX-VERTEBRATE!

What does a Dalek dating consultant say to a man going out on a date?

What do Daleks say when they get indigestion from burritos?

What happens when Daleks eat too much Indian food? -Emergency Temporal Shit!

Why don’t you ever see a Dalek in the newspaper? Because all their images have been Doctored!

What’s a Dalek’s favorite Bond villain? Skaromanga.

What do Jewish Daleks always say? OYBEY!

What does a Dalek say to an optometrist? MY VISION IS IMPAIRED! I CANNOT SEE!

If you’d like to see the better Dalek jokes, come to Geek Week: April 25-29!


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