New Music Suggestions

I’ve been reading a lot of comedy blogs from comedians, and I came to the conclusion that we have nothing to talk about.  I used to be a DJ, and I have a love for music, and I thought I’ll use my blog to spread the word on some tracks I like right now (I’ll try to do this weekly from now on).

First Aid Kit – Wolf

First Aid Kit is a duo of Swedish folk singers, who released the album Lion’s Roar back in January (not all of these are REALLY new songs).  Sweden right now is killing it music wise, considering First Aid Kit, I’m From Barcelona, Little Dragon, Robyn, Lykke Li, and Kleerup are all from Sweden.

Dio – Dansen in Jou

Don’t confuse this Dio with the 80’s hair metal band, Dio.  I’ve been listening to this Dutch podcast that plays a lot of good tunes, even though a handful of tunes are Dutch.  This Dio is very similar to the Black Keys, the Features, and the Heavy.  You’re probably wondering “Don’t we have enough Black Keys ripoffs?” Not enough for me. I am slowly getting into a few Dutch language songs, especially Dutch hip hop.  I’m digging this track from Mr. Polska, as well as a track from the Dutch version of the Smurfs (which potentially could be the only redeeming quality of that film).  While I’m sure in Holland everyone thinks these tracks are terrible, I think they’re fun and quirky.

Anyway, if you’re interested in expanding your horizons musically, check back with me.  And if you have any suggestions, send them my way.  Thanks!


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