The Idiot’s Guide to Brown People Religions

After the senseless attack on the gurudwara in Wisconsin, I thought it necessary to post a simple guide to the various religions of brown people (South Asians), if only to avoid the event of me getting shot at a Hindu temple because someone can’t tell the difference between Ganesh and Allah (hint: YOU CAN’T DEPICT ALLAH).

Type Buddhist Christian Hindu Jain Muslim Sikh
Looks Like
Religion Buddhism Christian Hinduism Jainism Islam Sikhism
God(s) Buddha Jesus? Many Noone / Everyone Allah Onkar
Place of Worship
Dietary Restrictions Typically vegetarian No restrictions Typically Vegetarian Pure Vegetarian, no garlic, onions, root vegetables No pork or non-Halal meats Meat killed by single stroke of sword
Should be shot? No No No No No No

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